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Apr 17, 2020

What about when things go terribly wrong and you can't travel? What do you do when you make decisions that negatively impact your life? How do you recover and give birth to something better?

These are the ideas we share in this podcast when we share the period in our life when we lost everything. Through the dark times, the girls were born, and, from the devastation we were able to give birth to a much brighter future: our travel blog and the life we really love. 

In this episode, we discuss:


  • How reverse culture shock affected us and hugely impacted our ability to settle back in Australia
  • How our return to Australia lead us on a very dark path of financial suffering and a complete disconnect from travel
  • The birth of Kalyra and Savannah - the bright sparks of joy through this time.
  • Our return to the US on the VIF teaching program
  • Star St - which didn't offer any stars
  • How we started travel blogging
  • The 3 important things that bought us out of our funk (and you can apply to this current Rona situations. We are!)
  • Our devastating decision to return to Australia (finally we learned our lessons)
  • The three year period of hard work and recovery to build our travel blog into something
  • The dream partnership that helped us gain leverage to grow