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May 29, 2021

Gary Arndt from shows how travel has evolved for him from daily travel to a daily podcast living a more settled life. 

We’re big proponents of allowing travel to evolve with your lifestyle. There is no set way to do it.

You define the rules of how it best suits your values, your dreams, and your lifestyle choices.

Gary Arndt shows us how travel has evolved for him from being a 9 year nomad constantly traveling to living the settled life without travel being the focus of it.

In 2007, Gary sold his house in exchange for nearly a decade of daily adventures around the world, sharing his experiences on his blog, Everything Everywhere. He quickly became one of the biggest and most well known blogs in the world, especially noted for his photography which has won numerous awards.

But, not just in travel, the past year’s pandemic has caused him to take a huge pivot in business.

With the loss of his business literally overnight, Gary switched to pursing a long term itch he had to create the Everything Everywhere Daily Podcast.

In it he shares and explores interesting curiosities and questions about life such as Who was the Fifth BeatleWho is the most dominating athlete of all timeWhere does the best thing since sliced bread come from? and What happened to Harold Holt, the disappearing Australian Prime Minister?

His podcast has exploded in growth and in under a year has reached 100,000 downloads per month.


Full show notes: