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May 13, 2020

We return to Africa in this episode - our favorite travel experience yet! Backpacking for 6 months from Uganda to South Africa gave us endless adventure and smiles.

Uganda was an incredibly beautiful country full of friendly, hospitable people. Some of our favorite travel stories come from Uganda and we share them in this podcast.


  • The food, equipment and clothes that we packed for our backpacking trip through Africa
  • The surprising now tourist attraction, which was simply a means for us getting around. (although a huge wonder of Kampala)
  • Why we feared, yet loved, getting around Africa
  • The home remedy that cured my nausea shared by my African Mama, Marion
  • Why Lake Bunyonyi is a dream destination
  • How we attempted the Muzungi Corkscrew
  • Our roughest journey ever and our most told travel story - it's not the gorillas (but getting there with Benson)
  • Spending an hour with the gorillas in Bwindi Inpenetrable Forest
  • What it was like to be charged by a silverback gorilla
  • The incredible and adventurous experience white water rafting the Nile River - home of the Bad Place one of the most notorious Grade 5 rapids in the world. (Correction. The Nile only has freshwater crocodiles. I had a brain fart and said they were saltwater.)