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Aug 8, 2020

Christina McEvoy and family are full-time travelers, outdoor adventure travel experts, content creators and bloggers.

They have been slow traveling through Central and South America since Jan 2019 and are currently in Chile, where they got "stuck" during the pandemic.

They have two boys and love to seek physical challenges and off-the-beaten-path places along their travels.

In addition to providing tips for adventure travel destinations, Christina also teaches people how to successfully get paid to travel using Instagram by working with brands and destinations.


We discuss:

  • Macs Explore adventure back country skiing up a volcano in Chili and down.
  • How their family motto "We can do hard things" drives their quest for adventure and why it enhances their adventures together.
  • What tough travel moments force you to do.
  • How Christina and Eric's background shaped their thirst for travel and their adventure style.
  • How they can afford to travel full time.
  • How they started their Instagram account and how it brought them amazing travel opportunities.
  • What their fears about taking the leap into full time travel and how they overcame it.
  • The fears that family members can have when you choose to travel full time and how it may impact you
  • What's it like traveling with teens and unique challenges of it.
  • How they take care of schooling on the road
  • Latin American adventures that will make you now want to pack your bags and go!
  • Why you want to evaluate using long term instead of short term (how to overcome parent guilt)
  • Style of travel - how long, where how - all the logistics.
  • Why housesitting hasn't been a great option (we agree!)
  • Christina's new business venture Instasuccess - how she got started and why
  • The dangers of the Squirrel syndrome


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