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May 6, 2020

Continuing our tips on the RV lifestyle, the girls share what their opinions of it was.We took an extended 12 month RV road trip across America. Kalyra and Savannah had very different perspectives. 

We discuss:

  • Their favorite aspect of the RV lifestyle
  • What did they think of living in an RV
  • The hardest aspect of the RV lifestyle
  • The highlights of the trip including favorite hikes and cities
  • Which state did we like but fell short of expectations and why
  • Hikes: the dangerous, the epic and the icebergs
  • The value of the Junior Ranger Program
  • If they feel insecure without a daily routine
  • Tips for managing a life that changes every day
  • How they'd like to do the trip differently
  • What they think of flying - especially long ones
  • Where they most want to travel to next
  • What equipment you may want to take on your RV trip